With past experience working in medical imaging, when Lisa delivers scripts with medical terminology, it practically glows! Not only can Lisa wrap her tongue around the toughest medical jargon, she captures the sense and feel that health care copy needs.


Bright optimism inside a warm, nurturing, caring voice served up with a side of dry wit and wry sarcasm", voiceover coach Nancy Wolfson says of Lisa's voice.

If you're looking for natural, easygoing, approachable, conversational voice overs, Lisa delivers.

From subtle nuances in soft whispers to bellowing confidence, quirky conversation to the perfect horror scream, effortlessly reciting technical medical terminology to relating to children on their level, Lisa has command of the versatility and range her voice offers so audiences don't just listen, they engage.

Combine that with being easily directed and an affable candor, Lisa an absolute pleasure to work with.

Lisa strives to be your best, clearest, most authentic voice so that the real star; your service, product, or company, can shine!

Be a voice, not an echo.

Make sure to add Lisa to your talent pool as one of your resources.

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Name: Lisa Sowden
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